1. BlueSquares

    Add-on [PAID] Exam / Quiz Addon

    We need to have an Addon developed that would allow us to create 20-50 question exams (quizzes) for students on our forum. We use Xenforo a lot like an LMS to deliver training inside separate Nodes and this is the next step in its evolution for us. General idea of our needs... We only use...
  2. AnC01

    Other Learning management system integration

    Hi, I run Xenforo as the forum of my WP based website. I want to create links from the forum to courses which are either hosted by a wordpress based learning management system (either Learndash or LifterLMS) or my current cloud based LMS Curatr. The only way to allow people access to forum and...
  3. Carl B

    Options to Run Courses/eLearning/LMS using Xenforo

    What can be done with Xenforo to deliver a training course, lets say it has 10 modules and you get a certificate at the end? Presume also that there will new people starting the 'course' all the time? many thanks