Add-on [Paid] Display Resource Entries on Forum Page


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I need an addon that would display resources at the top of the forum (below the title and the first node):

A table with 3 columns
In the first column, display 10 random categories (randomizes on each page load)
In the second column show the 10 latest resources (just the title).
In the third column show the most popular resources (just the title).

Categories, latest resources and popular resources must link to their counterpart.

There also needs to be an option in admin area where i can choose the number of displayed categories, latest resources and popular resources.

Note: Those interested in making this addon must include links to addons they have released on these forums (if any were posted) and/or other links to completed addon requests for others. PM me all price quotes for this addon. It needs to be done ASAP as well (under 1 week).