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Other [PAID] Developer/Forum Manager needed

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by leslie dow, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. leslie dow

    leslie dow Active Member

    I have a Xenforo installation that is nearly ready to go live with approximately 1000 active users and 6,000 occasional users. We are in testing now with a few outstanding items that need configuration and perhaps a bit of customization. I am looking for someone to finish up the configuration and manage the forums.
    • We are using a number of Waindigo addons, so some familiarity with these will be very helpful.
    • Our forums are used to teach online paid writer's classes and host networking events.
    • There is a small staff for customer support, user issues management and static page and content management, so this role is to complete the configuration and ensure that the technology functions appropriately--not to deal with the forum users or content.
    • There are a few features that we would like to have around event management such as automatically adding users to a forum when they have paid for an event, and producing a registration list for the events in a format useful for instructor income statements.
    • We also have a Wordpress blog that we would like incorporated in some way.
    If you are interested in this, please message me for further information.

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