[PAID] Create add-on skeleton code

I know that sounds a bit odd :) What I would like to do is pay some one to create skeleton code on creating an addon with specific features. I want it documented and explained so that I can understand what is extended and why, where templates are used and pulled in...

I have a full concept of what I want to do, of course, but really want some help and code to get me started.

Simple Project Summary
The add-in would essentially be created to allow a specific usergroup to get Seal/Badge (you know, like when you see 'Godaddy Certified' and stuff like that) code to place on their website.

A little more detail
The concept is to have an admin option which would set the usergroup that could access seals. When a user with that usergroup is logged into the forums - they would get a menu option. The menu option would link to an xF display (template?) that allows them to select which seal they want to use (different graphical seals) and generate some code for their website.

A few more minor details
There is a bit more to it than that since some information would come from another table within the xF Database. I have a table which also holds 'certification' information. Basically... some users within the set usergroup could get a seal and others could not. Some would get nicer seals (sponsors) as well. But the key here is pulling from another datatable, IMO.

And Finally
I would need a way to load seals into the system and let the add-in know there are seals there. In fact, there would be 'groups' of seals. A group for normal seals, a group for the nicer seals. That would make it easier to differentiate which seal a user in the usergroup would have access to.

Man, I hope that all made sense. I struggled trying to simplify. But to re-iterate... I want to learn. I am a coder but I don't have a ton of time to learn the whole xF system from scratch, unfortunately... so I need a teacher!

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to get paid to help me :)