XF 1.2 Pagination Gone on Forum View


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"Showing threads 1 to 20 of 2"

I think that's likely why. It looks like it's 2 in every forum. So I think that means it's either a column that has been added somewhere that conflicts with our query expectations (unfortunately, a pain to resolve) or an add-on conflict.

I'd start by disabling add-ons as I think we make a simple count query that can't really be overridden.


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Thanks @Mike , just disabled all the add-ons via config.php, and they pagination is back.

Now to figure which one is causing it!


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No idea why it's going that, because all I'm going is this in my Model

public function getTotalThreads()
                return $this->_getDb()->fetchOne('
                SELECT COUNT(*)
                FROM xf_thread
                WHERE post_date > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURDATE( ))
EDIT: Actually, it's pretty obvious now why it's doing it. Need to re-do the addon I think
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Fixed. I was using the same variable name as is used in the pagination for thread_list $totalThreads

<xen:if is="{$totalThreads}"><span class="contentSummary">{xen:phrase showing_threads_x_to_y_of_z, 'start={xen:number $threadStartOffset}', 'end={xen:number $threadEndOffset}', 'total={xen:number $totalThreads}'}</span></xen:if>
Been though and added a prefix to all my variables now.