Lack of interest Pages - Use Wrapper Option


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When I create a page in the node list, it auto adds the XenForo "wrapper", I don't want this on some pages, I want it to be an option of course, probably a checkbox saying "Don't use XenForo Wrapper?"

So then instead of a page being made which has the forum header, footer and navbar, it'll just be made out of whatever you put in the "Template HTML" part..


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I think this would need to be clearer about hidden parts of the wrapper above the header. These hidden bits of c ode influence the page a lot such as placing it in the hierarchy, or governing bits of template code you can place on the page.
So is this about not displaying the header of the page? Or is it about having a completely bare html page without the stuff above the header?

Brad L

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Yes, this option would be very useful (y)
I was going to suggest something similar. In my case I'd like the option to simply not automatically include the page title or breadcrumb.

Old thread but it described what I wanted to suggest.