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Pages have me .... :confused:

I created a page and using the admin panel added the forums within it. Now I want to show the subforums within the page.

Apple - TuxReports Communities - Page With Forums.png

Compare it to the actual Apple forum page (showing subforum and post new thread)

Apple - TuxReports Communities APPLE FORUM PAGE.png

This is the code used.

<h3>Latest Apple Discussions</h3>
<xen:require css="discussion_list.css" />
<div class="discussionList">
{xen:raw $xf_apple_forum}
  1. How do I get subforums to show?
  2. How do I get the order reversed?
  3. How do I get a Post New Thread button?

Jake Bunce

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Using a callback function? Because normally you would use the option to display child forums when editing the page node. Then obviously the subforums you want to show would have to be children of the page node.