Pages in separate tab up top?

Ultimately, I'd like to integrate some sort of article functionality into my forums in a separate main tab. The tab would be labeled "Articles", and I would allow user-submitted content to be posted there (after approval).

I thought that Pages would work for this (along with a reference to a changing source), but it seems Pages can only be added as a piece of the root node on the same Forums page. Is there a way to create a new main tab or another root node on a separate page?

I already have xenPorta installed for a customized homepage, and that works pretty well. But I need the ability to add an additional customizable page.

Am I going about this all wrong? Is there a better way of achieving what I want?


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Thanks - I think this is what I mean, but just to be sure we're on the same page....

So I would create a page in the root node, then link to it from the nav bar? Wouldn't the page show up in the forums, and when someone clicked on it from the nav bar, it would show them as being under the "forum" tab, rather than the new tab in the nav bar? I want it to appear, for all intents and purposes, as a completely separate tab from the forums. If that's not possible, I'll deal with it, but that's what I'd like to see.

Also, can I use php to include a .php file within a page? If so, it would be possible to create a dynamic source of data that would be somewhat easy to update.