Partial fix  PageNav Link Group blocks some of 'Thread Display Options' text

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
I know it is only my problem, as it not anything with styling.

Note to self....
(end user problem... solution increase resolution and purchase an LCD/LED monitor)
Thread Prefix [Not A Bug, As, Designed]



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Can you post a screenshot?

I use the fixed width option which is narrower than 1024 and don't have any issues.


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We do have a stupid min-width on the liquid style. Really should make that 960px at least.

This could theoretically happen if you have thousands of pages of threads I think, though I'd have to test it to confirm that.


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When I just tested the liquid style and reduced the browser size, there was no overlap with the page numbers.

I added picture to first post... Please edit thread title to: PageNav Link Group gets block by 'Thread Display Options' text... should of caught that, s it is not what is showing.