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Good afternoon,

I am wondering what style sizes you use for page widths on your forums, we have a dark and light style and the following are set for a standard and fluid style.

Standard - 990px
Fluid - 95% Page Width, Wide Style (changes from boxed to fluid)

I have stretched the entire navigation/subnavigation across both of these so it looks better and on our footer one has it going across and one is boxed to match the boxed look.

I am probably going to increase the standard one a bit but what is everyone else using? We are using a modified version of Fusion Gamer by PixelExit as I know some themes are different.

Adam K M

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@Zynephix for your "boxed" comment, even on your 95% fluid content, your main area is still a box (so in my opinion) it doesn't make much sense to stretch the borders of the footer to 100% of the width.

Although I personally prefer doing one style with a max-width: 1080px and having it adjust to a % of the browser width up until that point. Personally, I dislike having a completely fluid version as the post/message content container becomes extremely wide and the resulting stretched container makes posts look shorter, turns paragraphs into one long sentence, and overall, is displeasing to my eyes. But hey, maybe that's just me!

Right now I'm using a completely custom style (based off of default xenForo), but in the past I used UI.X


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I just set them as someone commented about the sizes on a large monitor. I do not have access to my desktop as it is in storage so using my laptop and netbook unless I zoom out I cannot really get a feel for what works best so just wanted to see what people were using to do it accordingly.


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I've set it to 1170px now, disabled the fluid widescreen one and a user said it looks fine, cheers!