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[OzzModz] Advanced Node List Widget 2.0.0

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Nulumia submitted a new resource:

Advanced Node List Widget - A handy widget for displaying nodes in your sidebar

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A handy Xenforo 2 widget for displaying nodes in your sidebar. Choose which nodes to display on a per-widget basis. Respects each node's setting for "Display in the node list" and user(group) permissions, a unique feature over other some similar addons.

You can also choose to expand or hide categories by default for each widget, allowing more customization.

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Nulumia updated Advanced Node List Widget with a new update entry:

Update for Xenforo 2.2.x, More Node Types (Search, Page, Link)

  • Updated to work with latest versions of Xenforo 2.2.x
  • When adding or editing a widget within Admin, you can now select Page nodes to display in the widget. Instead, Categories are no longer selectable from the list.
  • If nodes within the widget have categories, their category will automatically be displayed.
  • Added improved support for node permission handling
  • Now accurately supports latest node types in Xenforo:
    • Category
    • Forum
    • Page
    • LinkForum...

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This resource has been taken over by OzzModz. It will be going through a couple of possible updates.

1) Rebranding of the addon to reflect the new owner.
2) Any bug fixes. Paid addons will take priority.


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Hi, would it be hard to add a setting in the widget definition whether to respect the 'Show in nodelist' option of a node? I have a situation where we don't want de subforums to be shown in the forumlist (op top, regular list), but we do want to have them visible as a widget on the right. Unchecking the option removes them from both... Can be solved by tweaking CSS but would be neater if it's an option of the addon.

Also, I'm noticing that changes aren't directly applied. I've hidden nodes by unchecking the above option and that becomes effective only after a night. Same for the opposite; I've re-checked all nodes but still the widget doesn't show them. Is there some kind of caching or cron job that needs to run?
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Bob de Bouwer

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Hi @Ozzy47

Thank you verry much for this. I really like it!
I've got one question.
On my forum i have given my "node names" a color.
Can this also be done in this mod? Can i change the colors the same as on the forum itself?