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XF 1.5 Outdated Templates after upgrading

New Joe

Active member
I've just done an upgrade to 1.5.18 and after which I have a lot of outdated templates.

So on that page I have 2 buttons at the top > Customize Style Components > Automatically Merge Changes
Then below all the templates on the styles I have I have the option on each template to > Merge Changes.

Basically from the first time I installed Xenforo 4 years back I've never upgraded but I have manually edited and customized over the years a lot of my Templates in my styles but never kept any info on what i did, just kinda did it as i needed to do it.

So what's the best plan now?
Is it best to leave it all alone as it is, or click on on of the 3 options I have available on the Outdated Template page?
But really don't want to lose th customizations I've done over the years...