Out of Disk Space, Can I use CDN to save disk space?


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Tonight I had to upgrade my SSD-VPN at KnownHost just to add more disk space for my 1.25 million post forum with 50 gig of attachments.

I've never used a CDN before, if I were to set one up, does that save me disk space, or is it merely copying the attachments to the CDN server?

Alternatively, if I downgrade my SSD-VPN and buy a second non-SSD VPN for attachment storage, is this configuration supported?


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It's a place to start.

There is kraken Io plugin that works well from the thread I've read.

Ultimately, you are going to run out of disc space eventually so you are delaying the inevitable. But I would love to hear how much space you save if you pick a compression solution.


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My setup is this:

Each web server only includes
- php
- nginx
- xenforo files without internal and attachment directories. The whole xf application including addon libraries is less than 10 MB compressed.

I have dedicated servers:
- one as database
- one as elasticsearch

All attachments and non-stock-xenforo files are at a
- external file system (Amazon S3, unlimited)

With this setup, the attachments are totally independant from the servers. S3 is not so expensive, think of the price as what you would pay for dropbox.
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You might consider re-sizing image attachments to a particular size. I use an add-on that sends images to Kraken.io and it does cut 25% of the image file size, but you will gain larger benefits by setting maximum dimensions and letting XF resize the uploads as they happen.