XF 2.1 Other setting sare changed when "View your identities:" are changed


If a user changes "View your identities:" to 'Members only', the setting for "View this user's profile page details" is automatically changed to 'Nobody'.
Is that by design? Why?
If it is changed at all, I would assume it should have been set to 'Members only', same as "View your identities" or am I missing something here?

So I do not understand what is happening here and if I can remove that link between settings.

In our forum, only registred and promoted users can see users profile page anyway and we have hidden the "View this user's profile page details" setting, as we want it to be shown for most of our users.

Can this connection be removed?
Or do we have to hide the "View your identities" too?


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Good day. Those settings are independent of the other. I tried changing View your identities on my dev site and on this site and View this user's profile page details didn't change. Maybe an add-on is causing this? Try disabling them one at a time.