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Orange sensation


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  • Auteur du style / Author Of style: karev
  • Version de ce style / style version : 1.0
  • Version xenforo Requise / Version xenforo Required : xenforo 1.0.0 beta 2/beta 3
  • Testé / Tested: yes

  • upload the folder "orange" to your "styles" directory via FTP.
  • import the xml file (AdminCP ->Apparence -> Importer un style)
24 november update:

fixed width of stats in forum view
fixed text width in profile settings
fixed news indicator "thanks to brogan"



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you can change the width of the statistics in the forum view via style parameters in "disscussion list" and change the width but the newIndicator i cant find a solution for this sorry
I noticed same issue with New Idicator trying to find out how to fix that issue.


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Here's a fix for the new message indicator.

Remove the overflow: hidden from messageInfo as follows:
.message .messageInfo {

Change the newIndicator margin as follows:
.message .newIndicator {
margin:5px -20px 5px -10px;

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Hi Brogan,

I assume this was for the developer lol? I tried looking for templates called indicator or something along those lines but... no luck :p

Do you have steps for a newbie like me to fix this issue? This template is great and I reallt want to use it.

Thanks Brogan