XF 1.5 Opt out of watched threads


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Ok, this is driving me nuts. For some reason i'm (as an administrator) opt in to watch new threads of 2 members of my site. Every time they create a new thread i'm getting an email.

After several days i have yet to find a way to opt out of watching their threads and/or stop getting mails about it.

I'm my profile page i can see the watched threads but have no option to opt out of anything.

What is going on and how do i stop it?



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The default options allow you to watch forums and threads, not members.

Do you have an add-on installed which is allowing you to watch members?
Or are they posting in a forum which you are watching?


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Ok, it's not a watched forum. I think i see where it's coming from. I'm using Xenzine. When someone creates an article it also creates a forum post to discuss the article. When someone posts in one of those threads i get a mail saying i'm watching that thread. I'm not watching that specific sub forum where the articles get posted so i can't turn it off there.