XF 1.5 Operate with PHP 7.4?


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I know - this installation needs to be upgrade to 2.2.x. This is one community I just haven't had the time to port everything into 2 with yet along with the rest of this site, which runs on an outdated CMS. I know it's been two years :LOL:. I promise my other sites are on 2.2.x.

Anyway, I'm moving this community over from an old shared hosting plan to my own VPS. I have PHP 8 and PHP 7.4 installed, and I'd really rather not install anything older that the 7.4. Will XF 1.5.x work OK with PHP 7.4? Does anyone have experience with that? I do plan on upgrading this particular site soon, but I need to move it over to the VPS because I'm letting the shared hosting plan die off.