Browser issue  Opera Mini, Android, gets an oops page


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Normally use Opera Mini my quick browsing on my phone. Went from a HTC Hero to and HTC EVO and experience the same issues on each phone.

When in thread view after a bit I get redirected to an oops page. Very frustrating to try and read a thread and have it do this.

Don't know if it is because something is not loading correctly (analytics for example) or not. The page seems to be fully loaded before this happens, but I suspect it isn't.

While browsing this thread, I finally decided to take a screenshot and report. FYI, the last post of the thread was post 3 (Mike's post) when I was viewing.

This happens ALL the time in many different threads.



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I couldn't reproduce this with their simulator:

I could only guess that there was (is?) a connection issue between Opera's servers and ours, causing it to not be able to load the page? If you have ongoing problems, I think you'll have to contact Opera.