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OpenLS vs Litespeed Enterprise or Nginx

Hi forum , we currently have 8k+ visit a day and we tryed this configs so far on ( 2core , 2 ram, from Linoed )
OpenLS + Opcache = works nice and fast somewhat
switched to
Litespeed Standard + LS cache = noticeably slower ( for some reason )
switch now to
Litespeed Standard + OpCache + Memcache = much faster

so my question is , we would be better go with :
openLS + Opcache + Memcache = right ?

becourse LSWS to lease cost 15$ a month and i dont see benefits from it and for 20$ more i can by 2 more cores and 2 more ram from Lonoed . please guide me


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I'm running nginx + php-fpm (opcache + tmpfs filecache (you could use memcached, I just can't justify it on my site))
Seems to work fine

My forum has less visits than yours, but I also have a wordpress site on the linode (we're on the same plans actually) that gets more views than you do.

I've never actually used litespeed.


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I've had a day with 60 thousand pageviews on wordpress, with the xenforo forum going (though significantly less traffic), and never even broke 25% load on a 2GB linode


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I run:
Nginx (with Google ngx_pagespeed)
Pagespeed is the majority of my load.
Php-Fpm (Opcache)
I've been away for a while. So it's good to have a chance to jump back into the forum.

We've never seen a test that suggests NGINX would be faster than OpenLiteSpeed. We do have a couple tests suggesting OpenLiteSpeed is a little faster than NGINX, though: http://www.litespeedtech.com/solutions/benchmarks/php-hello-world

If you've got OpenLiteSpeed up and running, there's no reason to use Enterprise. The main difference between OpenLiteSpeed and Enterprise is that Enterprise reads and runs off Apache configs, and you obviously don't need that.

Also, LSCache and Opcache cache different things: LSCache is a page cache. Opcache is an opcode cache. There's nothing preventing you from using them together. LSWS Standard, though, doesn't support LSCache... OpenLiteSpeed does have a page caching module, though: http://open.litespeedtech.com/mediawiki/index.php/Help:Modules:Cache

And, um, I work for LiteSpeed, so I guess I'm not totally objective.

haha , right , well we have current site running on Litespeed Standard , and setting up 2nd server with Nginx , just to see how it is . will report as soon we will get some tests


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If you have money but not time, litespeed is great.

If you dont have money but time, nginx is great.
You can copy rebuilt rulesets on nginx pretty easily :p

I've actually built my own nginx config include system which makes it super fast for me to setup stuff for clients. Love it.


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I stand corrected!

I have now seen one test that shows NGINX as faster than OpenLiteSpeed. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, @RoldanLT. The test is a little old, but I think it's newer than the benchmark I posted. I don't know how we never heard about this... We need new benchmarks!

Off topic question: is there any LSWS 5 final ETA? Would a cPanel plugin/update be available at the same time as the final version would go live? If I have cPanel right now, can I still install RC3 without breaking anything?


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You can copy rebuilt rulesets on nginx pretty easily :p
Some people does not have time or interest in learning nginx conf. All they want is "fast site, remains old compatibility, easy setup, and I don't need to dig around internet for FAQ/Manual, and cPanel :D"