ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR when rebuilding caches on LiteSpeed Enterprise


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I recently had LSWS Enterprise 5.1.10 installed onto a previous Apache CentOS 7 cPanel setup, and performance has improved a lot.

However I am getting a major issue where whenever I install or uninstall a XF add-on, it never fully completes. It gets up to Rebuilding Phrases, then Rebuilding Templates but never reaches Rebuilding Admin Templates and eventually this error appears:

If I reload the page it brings me back to the Admin page and shows the add-on has been removed in the list however the menu tabs for the add-on are still there!! I'm assuming that relates to the admin templates not fully being rebuilt.

Has anyone experienced this at all? Any pointers on how to further troubleshoot?


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This has been fixed...

Checked error log and LSWS was killing the process:
2016-12-20 21:08:11.500 [INFO] [***.***.***.***:60524:HTTP2-51] Connection idle time: 121 while in state: 6 stream flag: 257,close!
Default connection timeout on LSWS is 120 seconds... bumped it to 300 seconds and now working OK now.