Cannot reproduce  opening Member Card shows strange behavior


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running Win XP.
no FF add-ons used.

also, when opening the membercard, it shows a small black bg-image (or whatever it is) of the membercard popping up before opening up the membercard.
The same when closing the membercard, it does not close immediately, but a small membercard-bg-image (without content) is showing before the membercard gets finally closed.


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That's really weird. I'm running Windows XP SP3 at the moment and Firefox 3.6.8, and I can't reproduce any of your problems. I've been going through clicking everything every which way to try and reproduce this and I can't. :confused:


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this issue was not there yesterday or previously.

Also happens when not logged-in.

See additional Screenshot attached.
Yeah, I've got no joy on reproducing this. I've tried everything I can think of and have yet to encounter this problem. Sorry, erich.

Steve F

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In that last screenshot, the graphics seem like you are only using 16bit mode instead of 32bit. Really seems to be a issue with your graphics/card or something. Check and make sure the display is set to 32bit mode.


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I do not have this issue at any other website.
I also did not have this issue at before today.

Anyway, I just wanted to report it.


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Yep, it looks like maybe a video driver issue, struggling to render the drop shadow.
What specs do you have? Video-ise? Card, driver, etc