Opening links in new windows/tabs


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Links open in a new browser unless they point to the same forum.


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It does for external links but not not for internal links by default.
You could add target="_blank" to all internal links if you wanted the same behaviour.


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Ok so links open on the same screen if they are on the same domain?

Hmm...ok not really what I want but at least I know now. I have a wordpress install elsewhere on the same domain that I need to link into but would like the links to open in a new tab hence the need for a global "open in a new window" option - maybe that's something that could be added to a future release, give us the option. I can understand your workflow however.


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Sory to revive an old thread ... but :eek:

I am creating some Link forum on a new forum - for example one going to a radio station. I want it to open in a new window (the same with a link to a wiki page) - but there are no such options in the forum section creation pages (nodes).

Is it possible to create this - and how?

Thanks :)


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It should be ;) ... Wouldn't it be semi-easy to add a check box in the section when you create a link forum with *open in new window* ?