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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Open PDF - Opens PDF attachments in the browser.

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This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $25.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL:

Note: all my XF1 add-ons are still 100% free and are supported by donations.


Opens PDF attachments in the browser.

By default XenForo requires PDF...
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Great add-on makes it easy for users to have pdf files for quick read and quick response.
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Hey @AndyB - I just installed this and the Open MP3....Open MP3 works perfectly, but this one still downloads the PDF (rather than open it in Chrome). I'm using XF2.1.2


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You need to change the default actions in your browser options.

For Firefox, click the hamburger menu, select options, scroll down to Applications, and click on mp3. I have mine set to "Always ask" - yours is probably set to Save as...

I'm not sure where the equivalent setting is in Chrome; I rarely use it and then only for checking sites.

However, With @AndyB's addon, the PDF now opens in a new tab. In Settings >> Advanced >> Downloads, I have "Ask where to save each file before downloading" set to ON. You might try that.


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I believe the Q&A says that PDF files only open in Firefox and Safari, but NOT in Chrome, with this add-on.



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@AndyB Does this addon make all PDF files open in the browser, or could it be overridden in some way in a template edit to allow an extra button to be manually placed to download if required? Basically, does your addon overwrite the function altogether, or can it be excluded when required.
I know there is a download link in the open PDF, but just curious if i could make this work with manual edits.