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Open PDF 1.3

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  2. 2.1
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  4. 2.3
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Opens PDF attachments in the browser.

By default Safari will download PDF attachments instead of viewing them in the browser. This add-on will allow Safari users to simply click on the PDF attachment and the document will open in the browser.

(Example of PDF attachment)


Questions and Answers:

Q: I'm using Chrome and the PDF does not open when I click the attachment.
A: Make sure the following is selected in Chrome:

Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Additional content settings -> PDF documents -> Open PDFs in Chrome

Q: I'm using Firefox and the PDF does not open when I click the attachment.
A: Make sure the following is selected in Firefox:

Settings -> General -> Applications -> Portable Document Format (PDF) -> Open in Firefox

Q: When I go to Resource manager and click the Download button (assuming the resource is a PDF), does it open the PDF?
A: Yes.

Q: When using Safari iOS, how do I save the PDF while viewing it?
A: Click the Share button and select Save to Files.
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    Open PDF v1.3 changes: Removed unneeded code from PHP file.
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    Open PDF v1.2 changes: Now properly extending XenForo class proxy.
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    Open PDF v1.1 changes: Updated PHP code to include missing error 304 condition.

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This is fantastic, especially since most of our users are mobile and downloading pdfs to their phone and finding them to open is technically challenging for some.
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