Only one bug left and today is Tuesday...Uh oh! You know whatthat means!


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I'm getting excited. I smell an update in the air. Only ONE confirmed bug left. I don't think I've ever seen the Bug forum so "tidy". Talk about hitting the pavement running. Way to go guys! Job well done!

Quick Brogan, play your Ace bug in the hole



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I'm at work and can't really log in here that much usually, but since the boss is out of the office today, it's perfect timing! bring on 1.1.4!!


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Come on, Mike. You don't need to kill all the bugs yet. Let release 1.1.4 and we will report new bugs for you to work on ;)


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I'm still amazed the bugs have been lowered to virtually nothing and dealt with in a time frame that it has been done in. Long may it continue and great work from Mike and all involved.

They must surely have been working on them during the past year, right? If not, that's insane how quickly they've been fixed.