On quest of some VB functions


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Alrighty, back into the action then. I was ready to convert my site to IPB, even renewed my licenses there, but now I'm having second thoughts since we're rolling again here. Now, don't get me wrong, I think ipb is a great software and has more functionality than xenforo, but being a VB user for many years, XF is somehow, just more "attractive" to me. :D

So, help me make the decision to move forward, keeping in mind this needs to happen sooner rather than later, so I'm asking for your help for the below issues (mind you I've got a 3.7.4):
  1. I have the post thankyou hack installed. Can I convert the thankyou's to XF likes or any other post rating system?
  2. I also have the Yet Another Awards system, which I use to manually give members awards when theywin in competitions, etc. I want to convert those also, is there a similar system for XF? Any chance of conversion here?
  3. For Gallery which is a big part of my site (I've got more than 500 categories and 30.000 photos) I use photopost 6.2, I know Photopost can integrate with XenForo so my initial plan is to get photopost's latest version and use that. Anyone using it with success? Is there any add-on or plugin that brings photopost's actions into the XF notification system? (for example you get a notification if someone comments on your photo etc)
  4. I have tags in place, I know xf doesn't have tags, but there is that very nice prefix system it has, so I was wondering if vb tags can be converted to xf prefixes?
  5. I also have a paid add-on installed, called Extra Threadfields, basically it gives something like prefixes to some threads, I would like to also convert these to xf prefixes, would I be able to find a developer to do this? (or any of the above that is not already existing functionality?)
I'm sure some more will come up, but at this point, that's that.
I will be using Wordpress in the website front, as I have thousands of articles ready to be published there, so any additional ideas about xf/wp integration are more than welcome.
Thanks for reading :)


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1) I recall someone doing this before form the thankyou hack, so yes it should be possible.

2) I have not seen this Yet Another Awards system, but I guess it could be done via tropheys?

3) Not that I am aware.

4) Nothing by default, you would have to get someone to write that into the importer for you.

5) As above, your best bet is to put a request in the requests forum: http://xenforo.com/community/forums/custom-service-development-requests.69/

There is a XenForo wordpress bridge available here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/xenscripts-wordpress-to-xenforo-bridge.604/

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1) I'm sure a Thank You Importer should be pretty easy to code. I don't think it exists right now. There's also the Post Ratings add-on that allows you to have multiple types of ratings (positive and negative). Similarly it should be relatively easy to import them into that. I'm sure someone could knock up a quick script that does this en-masse.

2) We already have this, and it includes an importer from Yet Another Awards System: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/bd-medal-system.964/

3) I will let someone else answer the Gallery question.

4) This XenForo add-on is fantastic for tags. I'm not sure about an importer, but I would imagine there is one: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/tinhte-xentag.770/

5) Is this like having multiple thread prefixes per thread? It doesn't exist yet. As it happens, someone contacted me for a quote on implementing this. I haven't yet had the time to work it all out. But I'm sure as an add-on it could work well if someone has the time to implement it.

There is a WordPress to XenForo bridge. I've heard mixed reviews. Other sites, such as http://www.crazyengineers.com run WordPress on the front end and have it styled exactly like their forum. There's no integration between the two, but it looks pretty seamless.


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That's great news, thanks!

About the WP/XF, I've not made a decision yet as to what the integration should be. I'm not sure there even should be one, as WP would attract mostly the guests' attention, and members would continue as usual in the forums.


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I've already done a test conversion and everything went fantastic!

Now I'm concentrating on the gallery issue. Is there anyone that uses photopost OR converted from photopost to a xf mod ?


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Photopost aside, I also have the default vbulletin member albums, and members have uploaded stuff in there as well - is there a way to convert these to a xenforo mod, and which one? (mind you we're talking about the 3.7 version, not vb4)