Ok, who has a crystal ball for this question?


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After this product is available. How long will it take for the guys making custom plugins to come over and start showing their stuff?

Well, what does the crystal ball think at least?
As soon as its released, all us code monkeys get a copy, depends on how easy the system is and what you are wanting to create :D


Customizations will probably already happen during the alpha testing period so there is experience and examples.
Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

Im pretty sure it should be fairly easy to create mods for this system as i hear the framework is quite robust.


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is "code monkey" a derogatory term? I don't want code monkeys mad at me cuz I am going to need them.
Nah, we wear it with pride much as "Geeks" are now self-proclaimed as well. I tried getting "Code Monkey" on my business cards but corporate purchasing said no. :(


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Thanks Kier....

I think I am going to cry. It is so much fun posting on this software.

I am supposed to be working on my store right not but I am having too much fun looking around out here.