Ok, I'm officially confuddled....


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I'm trying to see the usergroup permissions on a specific category in the forum. for some reason Moderators cannot see the moderator forum category in the imported forum.

But when I try and view the permissions for a particular node and usergroup, it simply takes me back to the usergroup permissions screen for the usergroup. There is no difference between the two screens.

Am I editing the default permissions for the usergroup or am I setting the usergroup permissions for that node?

Its not at all clear.


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Edit, OK - this is bizarre, its now doing what I'd expect and it is (clearly) showing permissions for the node for that usergroup.

mods, feel free to delete this thread, god knows what was going on, but it definitely was showing the Group permissions as opposed to the node : group permissions.


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If you edit the permissions for the node - it affects the usergroup in general. I had a similar problem as you, so I know what you were talking about.