Lack of interest Official Staff Message

As many members of staff post as users and in their capacity of staff, it would be good to be able to easily differentiate an "official" post.

Previously (on MyBB) I set up some tags [mod][/mod] which we could put around text, for example warning users to get back on topic. This would then surround the text in a big red box, turning the text to white. It was then crystal clear to users when they were receiving official instruction. It wasn't the ideal way to do it, as any users could actually use it if they figured out the tags.

Ideally, the software would provide the functionality for an Administrator or Moderator to specify all or part of their message content as "official". When this is then posted, it would highlight the specified text in some way.


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You can actually do the custom BB code implementation now with a slight tweak so if other people discover it, they can't abuse it.

Add the tag and specify a class (staffOfficialText, say). Then write your CSS to adjust it with the selector:

.staff .staffOfficialText

In quotes or other messages, the CSS wouldn't apply so it would look normal.