Lack of interest Disallow post/message editing after receiving a reaction

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Post/message editing is essentially a time limited basis - user x and/or y can edit a post for up to xx minutes, depending upon usergroup permissions.

When a user reacts to a post/message, they could be showing their approval|disapproval|distaste|humour, etc. for a post/messages' content. Regularly, reactions can be seen as validating or approving a post/message's content and opinion. But, what if the OP edit's the message after it's received reactions, and in doing so drastically modify's the content or opinion within. The user(s) whom left reactions may no longer wish to be showing validation/support/approval for this modified content. And user(s) whom gave the post/message a reaction do not receive a notification that the post has been modified, for them to review it and consider if their reaction is still valid.

A user that likes/approves a post/message about vaccines for COVID being a good thing would likely be aghast if, after they reacted, the OP edited the post to be anti-vaccine and that COVID is a false conspiracy. They'd likely not want their username, perhaps well known on the internet or within their circle/niche, being associated at all, let alone in support of, such a viewpoint. Allowing the content of a post/message to be modified after having received a reaction can be open to abuse, extreme or subtle.

I would like to see an ACP option ( eg. /admin.php?options/groups/messageOptions/ ) and/or User Group Permission to disallow post/message editing after it has received a reaction.

Note: I did consider making this suggestion for users to receive a notification when a post/message they've reacted to has been edited, but disregarded this as they would likely be quickly ignored once users got notifications when all that had changed was spelling etc.
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Wouldn't "last edited" address this?

What might be more useful is an addon or something that notifies followers of a thread when a post has been edited. Sometimes the edits are helpful and, in my experience, they don't often make radical adjustments to the thrust of the original post.

Not saying this couldn't or doesn't happen but I can't recall the last time I saw it happen — the edits are more likely to be correction of typos or addition of links or clarification of the original message. Disallowing message edits simply because someone reacted to a post seems like overkill to me.

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Reddit doesn't disallow it.

Nor does reddit say the post was edited in mobile.

If there are major changes to the post that might change the reactions, people will comment on that.

If you want more formal "votes" ... make a poll.


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I used to make the edit limit fairly short because of this sort of thing but a neuroatypical member convinced people we should lengthen it because she often needed to do repeated edits (which was better than her posting like10 messages in rapid succession, which is how she worked with the short limit). so I think I would be good with something like this.

Quoting is really the best defense against those kinds of edits, though. We originally put the tight limit on because a trollish member (now banned) edited a post to remove all the text after a couple of us immediately tore into it. Fortunately, one of us had quoted the original text so his trolling remained on display for all to "enjoy".

What might be more useful is an addon or something that notifies followers of a thread when a post has been edited. Sometimes the edits are helpful and, in my experience, they don't often make radical adjustments to the thrust of the original post.
Yeah, agreed on this. I am a bit anal about my writing (being a writer in my spare time) so will often edit a post just to fix a typo or grammar error. Or even because I found a better way to say something, though I sometimes just quote myself and do a follow-up for that.


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There's another side to this, though. Personally, as a poster, I would be really annoyed if I couldn't edit my thread minutes after posting it just because someone was quick to react to it. What if I just want to correct spelling mistakes, or insert or rearrange a word here and there because I realized that something I had written didn't make sense? And if I'm a regular poster of substantial content, shouldn't my experience be valued more than someone who maybe never contributes anything except to like a bunch of posts? Now, maybe just because I'm miffed about it, I'll create replies to my own threads, containing my corrected text, and tell people to read that instead because it will make a lot more sense. (See Mendalla's post above!) Or maybe I'll bother you, the admin or mod, to go in and change it for me, because it's just the principle of the matter for me. 😁


I think the best solution would be to clear all reactions upon saving an edit (possibly with an override option for mod/admin edits). Steam functions this way with its review system. If you change a review from Recommended to Not Recommended it will clear out all comments and such.

If Xenforo were to make this change, I would recommend having a pop-up when saving the edit that says this edit will clear all reactions (phrase it however you'd like), and the poster would then need to click Save/Proceed or Cancel.