Official iPhone 5 teaser

Sage Knight

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Lol Apple's stock has been going all high since all those leaked pics, social media can really increase the edge these days.

I doubt that the data has been leaked.

Chris D

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I've got the iPhone 4S. My wife has an iPhone 3GS which is getting rather outdated and sluggish on iOS5.

Looks like I'll be getting the 5 and my wife getting my 4S.



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Other than maps, iOS 6 sounds very underwhelming.

Hopefully there will be more than just a bigger screen, better camera and battery in the iPhone 5 because if that's all it has, it quite frankly isn't worth getting if you already have the 4s.


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I became eligible for an upgrade to a 4S a few months ago but I'm holding off for the 5 - it doesn't seem worth rushing in from the 4 to the 4S to get feature updates that the 5 will likely have as well.

I like the idea of a bigger screen - I've always thought the iPhone could do to be a touch larger (although that might have more to do with my big fat fingers than anything else ... :LOL: ).

Chris D

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People are pissing their pants at the moment because the Samsung Galaxy S3 has just overtaken the iPhone 4S in monthly sales for the first time since the S3's release.

Well... duh... No one is going to be buying 4S' at the moment - almost everyone knows that releases are usually annually so people are clearly deliberately holding off.

I welcome a bigger screen too. But I think the Samsung Galaxy screens are just too much. God knows how the S3 fits in people's pockets...