Add-on Official AddonChat Product


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I am wondering if there is any progress on this? Or is this something I am going to have to do myself???? :p


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LOL Are you done with the plugin yet?

I didn't check this thread in ages.
They actually support a "work-around" for getting addon chat working with XenForo. Not the greatest, but it works. And they are still working on an official plugin. Check there site and read their forum.
Regarding an official plugin, I have no idea if someone is going to use the code I posted a link to and turn it into an add-on. I don't know anything about add-ons, but it doesn't sound like this one should be too hard to create, given the code is already available over there.

PS. xFShout is a shoutbox, it has nothing to do with an actual chatroom like AddonChat.


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Does anyone know a chatroom software that integrates with Xenforo and has audio/video chat? I'm thinking of something as robust as tinychat but they don't integrate. Anyone know of any others?