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XF 1.3 Odd Session Problem

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Nigel Lew, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew New Member

    Hi folks. I have been trying to reverse engineer a few issues on a project I had to take over for someone.

    My issue is here. http://tinyurl.com/pwdjnh9

    As there is a range of custom stuff happening theme wise I am not sure where to look.

    When I log in as admin it appears to log me in but if I click the email link or alerts it says I have to be logged in so its certainly punting me but only there. At a glance I can check forums and such.

    Also If I log in and hit refresh I am logged out as well.

    thanks, sorta going crazy on this one. I have cleared the cookies on FF but it doesnt appear to be browser centric.
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Are you behind cloudflare or a reverse proxy? Is your IP changing between page views of your site?
  3. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew New Member

    Nope, it should not be an issue really. The client in question is experiencing the same thing as well. Part of the issue is sorta new to the stuff. Some things appear to have been done in templates, some in extra.css and some in style properties.

    I may have to have some one hop in there real fast perhaps. I am invoicing some other folks as we speak so I can hurl some beer cash at someone lol..

    thanks for the response. I have checked most threads on the matter but its not chrome centric.
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but your answer was unclear. Are you behind a reverse proxy or cloudflare? Have you made any changes to your server recently?
  5. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew New Member

    Sorry, no. I have not. The issue seems to exist only on that particular instance as well. At one point I had two instances of this running. I was porting things over to another install but to wrap this up fixing that is going to be considerably faster. My other half done instance works fine lol..

    Litespeed is running if that matters but not sure why one install would basically work. Thanks for your time as well.


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