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Not a bug Odd characters breaking out...


Well-known member
I believe Mike has commented on this in the past and it is to be expected when using diacritics.
I would definitely like to remove this capability if we have no use for it. Members would run amok with it...

In other words, somehow have it limited to display horizontally or something and not run vertically as it does now. Not sure what would be involved here but its starting to get used more on sites and its getting ugly.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's called combining diacritics and it's an absolutely bog standard element of Unicode; they are generally needed in some situations. If they're there, we have no control over how the browser renders it.

Of course the determination of a "valid" and "abusive" version is really more of a human distinction. You can add the marks to the censor if you wish but that's really all that can be done. There will always need to be active moderation as it's not possible to police things 100% with software.


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I understand, it affects quite a bit of things. Hmm. I just attempted this on other forum solutions and the result is the same.

So there is no way to "contain" it/limit its use to stop vertical scrolling of it? Couple of characters in thread or convo titles, usertitles, or any post content can scroll down the whole page really making a mess of things. Guess we'll need some good censor rules for all but the most common.

Thanks for the background, Mike.