XF 1.1 Odd bug with User Name CSS


I'm experiencing this very odd bug with User Name CSS. Basically it seems like one of my user group's User Name CSS is being skipped under some circumstances.

I have the following groups, in order from highest to lowest:
  1. Server Owner, CSS - color: #aa00aa;
  2. Website Admin, CSS - color: #00aa00;
  3. Website Mod, CSS - color: #5555ff;
  4. Server Dev, CSS - color: #ffaa00;
  5. Website Dev, CSS - color: #00aaaa;
  6. Graphics Designer, CSS - color: #ff55ff;
  7. Server Admin, CSS - color: #aa0000;
  8. Server Mod, CSS - color: #ff5555;
  9. Helper, CSS - color: #0000aa;
  10. Trusted, CSS - color: #55ff55;
  11. Contributor, CSS - color: #232323;
  12. Registered,
  13. Unregistered,

The problem is that the CSS for 'Trusted' seems to be ignored, but only if a user is in group 'Contributor' as well. I've triple checked that I have the correct Display Styling Priority.

XenForo version: 1.1.3

I saw the Support FAQ thread, but I don't think any of it's necessary, if you need it just ask. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Here I've got the user 'A_R_F' as an example.

The user's group settings:

Display of their username:

Settings of groups 'Trusted' and 'Contributor':
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