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XF 1.2 Number of following members


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One of my users' profile page says they are following 7 people but when you actually click the link to check who these members are it only shows 6. It is not a big issue but I was just wondering what could be wrong.


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I have the same issue on my site with multiple members.
I never did manage to track it down nor resolve it.


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The following members are stored in a seperate table but they're also cached in the xf_user_profile table (field following).
If you delete a user, the following records will be deleted from the xf_user_follow table, but the cached values in xf_user_profile will remain..

AFAIK we had already some suggestions and bug reports for this, but if i remember correct, it wasn't accepted as bug

Maybe it's worth to rethink this and include some process to trigger the deletion of xf_user['following'] and an automatic rebuild (OR use the deferred object to rebuild the caches)

ATM there are only several "special cases" where the rebuild will be triggered
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I have incorrect following and follower counts on my install.
Checking the DB shows the right number of followers but the overlay shows a lower number.

Going through the IDs now to see which ones aren't being pulled.