Fixed Number of Followers Display


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When clicking on the number of followers or following links on some members profile with large number of followers or following, it causes the server load to go high and browser to not respond for a while.

I tried clicking on a member with 1400 followers on my test board with 0 visitors online. Load went high and browser got stuck for around 5 secs.

Its better to search for around 25 followers and display them first, and when the user click a more button it auto adds followers by 25 each time..
searching and loading all followers at once will kill the server.


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Yes. As in the above thread limiting the followers (people who follow you) not a good idea, coz some popular person may get 10,000 followers who wanna get to know about his posts.
Its okay to limit the number of people one can follow. (following)


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I really shouldn't read when I'm writing code... Didn't realize it was for followers, not those that you follow. Disregard my previous post.


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This is something to consider for the future. It is valid, but likely fairly rare.
It will get very common when your forum get big and when some of your members are celebs or people who add really good content.
Automatically 1000s of people will follow him. Really essential for big board owners.

So mike please fix this asap.


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Oh, I forgot to mention that this is paginated in 1.3 (as is the following list, when viewed via a profile at least).