Notify about "Optimize Mappings" being available


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Today I noticed at admin.php?elasticsearch/ that the "Optimize Mappings" function was available for my forum. On the description it says:

Optimized mappings take up less space and can return results more quickly. The option will only appear when mappings need to be optimized. It is recommended that you always ensure your mappings are optimized.
The problem is that not everyone is going to check admin.php?elasticsearch/ all the time in order to see if that option is available so my suggestion is to notify the admin via the ACP (or any other way) when the option becomes available.



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I think that option is only available when you reinstall ES or import a whole new DB.

Arno Nühm

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I get this message all the time, even if I hit the button. I already did a rebuild of the whole search index. It still appears.