Fixed Notification "Slider" doesn't reset timer on manual selection

Daniel Thomann

Active member
As I see in the Test Messages forum, you can specify multiple notices.
They will switch after 3 secs.
If I select the 2nd notice after 2 secs, it automatically switches back to the 1st after 1 sec.

System specs: Win7x64 ie9

Daniel Thomann

Active member
I did some futher investigations:
I downloaded Google Chrome Portable - and it is ok here...
I connected to a RDHost (Win2k8 r2 using ie9) - same problem. the first 10 secs are ok.. but after the first switch/slide, there it is.. I also used private mode and cleared all cache.

A better reproduce description:
1. Go to the 'test messages' forum
2. Select the 2nd tab of the notices and click on it immediatly.
3. wait until the slide switches to the next tab and wait 2 secs
4. click the 2nd tab and it will switch again after 1 sec.

It's like the IE9 would lose it's onmouseover event (or what ever event it is used here) after the click...


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With Internet Explorer 8 I don't need to select a tab to see this behavior. The second notice ("Message Count") is only visible for 1 sec. If I go to another browser window, than go back, everything seems to be fine. I see both notices for about 3 secs. (Win 7x64)