Not a bug Notices System, Color Styling the notices messes up forum style overall

i found an annoying bug when i code in html using something like this:

<p align="center"><font color="#3FFF00"><b>Hello {name}</b></font><br>
<font color="#00FFFF">Check Out Prime Time's Thread On</font> <font color="#008000"><b>
<a href="">What Is Your Age?</a></b></font> <font color="#008000">!</font></p>

so for example if you make a mistake like this

<font color="#3FFF00>

u see without the 2nd " at the end all the colors on the theme/style u are on change colors all the text colors change like they invert colors. also some theme's like the nav bar and weights are all over the place. this really needs to be fixed. so if a mistake is made in the notices. there should be validation saying unable to save because of an error/mistake or fix the actual problem so it doesn't mess with the site.

so create a new notice
<font color="#3FFF00>Test</font> <-- just paste that in and it should mess up ur site..

<font color="#3FFF00">Test</font> <-- is the right way