Fixed Notices do not appear when using criteria from custom user fields

a legacy reborn

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Alright here is the issue: I made a notice that uses a custom drop-down field as its criteria. I chose the same option on my account and saved the notice and nothing appeared. To make sure that is was the custom profile field criteria I removed it from the notice and then when I refreshed the page it appeared. The option from the notice itself is called "User choice is among:" Hope I explained it clearly :). Thank you for your patience.


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Fixed. In library/XenForo/Helper/Criteria.php, add the code in red:
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        if (!isset($user['customFields']) && isset($user['custom_fields']))
            $user['customFields'] = @unserialize($user['custom_fields']);
        else if (!isset($user['customFields']))
            $user['customFields'] = array();