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Notepad ++ Alternative for the Mac


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I installed a theme that has out of date templates. I know to get the new version and compare it to the changed version before reverting and editing...BUT the suggestion was to use notepad ++ BUT I am on a Mac...anyone know of a free solution to Notepad ++ that works on a Mac.




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Sublime Text 3.

You're meant to buy a license for continued use, but it'll only tell annoy you every now and then if you don't.

If you find it useful; just buy the license and support the author.


Formerly Dinh Thanh

Textwrangler (BBEdit)

Both are very good. I ordered BBEdit because it's in App Store and enough features for me.


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Thanks...I know I need to edit the templates but Text Edit just wasn't meant to do that. It's good but not that good...kind of like the difference between Notepad shipped on a Windows PC and Notepad ++.