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On my board I have a notable member competition and the members with the most...

#1 Topics
#2 Posts

They get special badges and notable sections

The only problem I am having is as admin I blow every bodies statistics out of the water and I want to disqualify myself from those statistics.

So for Highest post/message count in notable member statistic how would I remove the admin from displaying in that section?

Same with highest topic/threads and highest reactions/likes

PS on my board threads are called topics, messages are called posts, and reactions are called likes.
I have found a quick and easy solution for this

1. I simply specified by join date and since the admin joined before everyone I specified the date to be the next day after the admin joined.

2. For the built in statistics where I could not edit that field I simply deactivate it and made my own member stat where I could edit that field.

3. Now I have all members listed it top Topics, Posts, Likes with the exception of the admin.

Yay :D
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