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Not a bug Not working as expected: Manually approve registration if user shares IP with a banned user


Well-known member
This option allows the IP address of a new registration to be checked against IPs used by banned users recently. If one or more matches is found, the registration will need to be manually approved by an administrator.
Mine currently set to 2 days, but all user's that have the same IP address for previously banned user's trigger the manual approve even if those banned user was already banned last April 2014.

I always encounter this since updating to XF 1.4.0, so for now I disable this feature.


XenForo developer
Staff member
The wording may be a bit off, but it's referring to the IPs used recently by banned users. So if someone was banned in April but had an IP entry logged recently in the last 2 days, that would count. If you look up the IP in question, does that count/hit? (Have a look at the "shared IPs" output - it should show the dates where IPs were used.)