XF 1.1 Not sure how to title this one (2 accounts crossed)

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So today, I had a member, known for years, suddenly posting as another member, known for years. At first I thought they were goofing around. But they assured me something went wrong.

One member posted with his windows phone and it showed up as another members posts. That member had posted in the thread. Eventually the actual member came along, changed his password and the other member was back to normal.

Is there even any way for this to happen? Session issues? I got two members freaking out, one because the other had total access to his account.


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This would be extremely hard to replicate, assuming you trust those users and they haven't been one person all along! :eek:

Have you got any add ons installed that manipulate users, such as login as user or quick user switch?


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I really don't know how this could happen. In theory, I suppose there could be a proxy that could be completely ignoring our "private" designation and serving the same results to each person (meaning that the session ended up being shared), but that'd be a huge issue and would come up elsewhere (and wouldn't be something we could do anything about). Of course, this would only work if the IPs were in the same subnet as sessions can't be shared otherwise...

Otherwise, I don't really see any way this can happen.


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This happened to me before when I used to run IPB. IRRC it was chalked up to a cache method used by the server which was problematic. I'm not sure how true that is, or if it could be something similar this time?

Code Monkey

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Sorry it was late. I didn't mean to put this in bug reports. I thought I was in xenforo discussion forum.

This is troubling to see that it's happened to others. I'll have to do more research.