MG 1.1 Not seeing Item Count


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I have enabled Item Count in the Media Gallery and my users are seeing it however myself as Admin doesn't get to see it.

I created a new standard XF Default style on my site to see if any changes I had made was causing it but even with the default XF style I still don't get to see them. However I do see the Alerts and Messages Item Count flags but not Media

There must be some simple explanation but for the life of me I can't find it (tried both Firefox and IE)


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Place yourself in the Primary User Group as registered.
Ok, just tried that and still no good.

Here is an image showing a user having 9 new media entries not yet viewed.
I tested by getting the user to create a new media entry however I did not get an unread flag
I went to New Media and there are new media entries


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Looks like I am going to have install XF completely standard in xampp on my local PC and just have Media and 2 users in it and give it a test because this is very strange