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not recieve email notifications of posts issue


Well-known member
The other day I made sure that my preferences were NOT to receive e-mail notifications of posts made in watched threads. I don't like to get tons of e-mails on forums I check regularly. But today I noticed that the option was checked after I just got an e-mail notification about a post in a watched thread. What changed?

And likewise, if I have a watched thread set to send e-mail notifications, is there a way to remove the notifications without unwatching and re-watching the thread?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The account preference settings here don't affect any threads you are already watching, or any you specifically choose to receive email updates for: http://xenforo.com/community/account/preferences

I have not experienced the problem of the settings in the account preferences changing without input so it could be due to an add-on you have installed.


Well-known member
yes but what i mean if someone unchecked it and then the next day it automatically revert back to being checked. I would not think that is possible.


Well-known member
I am still unable to get any alerts to my email I have preferences and alert preferences all checked. Is there a setting i am missing ? Also do i need to go into database and look where.

I ran the above query once to turn it all on and people complained about too many emails but i thought if i go in and just check mark the options it would turn it back on. At this time i am getting no emails at all.