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Not a Xenforo bug, but can you help anyway please?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I noticed earlier you're running 1.2.4 still.

I have seen this happen in earlier 1.2.x versions on my own iPhone. And I think it still might but it usually triggers when I navigate completely away from the editor before scrolling back down to it.

Anyway, upgrading to 1.2.5 may be worth doing. I know 1.3 includes a few mobile / editor fixes. Some of these may have been included in 1.2.5.


Well-known member
But I'm not able to debug it.
Create a default style and verify the problem goes away.

Next, disable add-ons which modify the thread view page, verify the problem goes away. Then enable add-on one by one until the problem comes back.

If template modifications are made directly to the templates, you have to delete the template mods one by one until you fine the code that is causing the problem.


Well-known member
I have tested on my own testforum, 1.2.5 and no problem there. iOS7.0.6 (the latest) so it might be worth upgrading.

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Upgrading to 1.3 changed the bug for me. Now scrolling doesn't stop the inserting of characters, but it does stop me from repositioning the cursor by tapping at a position in the text box.


Well-known member
It happens with me a lot of time on iPhone... :(
There is some sort of bug in the WYSIWYG editor XF uses.
I get frustrated a lot of times when post on DP via phone.


Well-known member
After seeing all editor related bugs, I started to thinking IE 10/11 in windows phone is really good... maybe better than Android stock browser. Because I never had any problem with it in any xenforo forums. :LOL: