Noob here, please check out my forum.


Well first of all my name is Gustavo from Mexico and I'm very new to Xenforo. I'm part of a non profit world wide organization called the 501st Legion, which is a Star Wars costuming club, and all of our work is done in forums. Each unit has their own forum and the unit I belong to is the Mexican Garrison.

The Mexican garrison unit uses PHPbb and i have tinkered with it for a while and could not do all that i wanted to do.

I'm currently building a new unit and i wanted to have a lot of features that the current units has, most of them have to do with automation of tasks, social networking, etc...

I did a lot of research and stumbled upon Xenforo. I tried the demo and liked it... Then i went ahead and bought the license...Boy was i impressed...

This happen early December 2012 and here is what our forum looks like now:

I have installed a lot of addons, styles and modified some of the code... Im at a point where i believe its the best forum in the whole 501st legion as far as what it can do. (ok maybe it's not but its getting there). This forum however is not yet official, but we have to get it up and running before the new unit is approved... Wish me luck LOL.

Special thanks to all coders here... you guys rock...

Please have a look, and let me know what you guys think...
Ahh yes the aurora themes are fantastic, they are slightly personalized to our star wars references, but it was just a few things changed... the rest is the original theme.

Addon list:
Forum runner
Nodes as tabs
Social connect (purchased)
Widget framework
User Albums

So far.

I have also made template modifications that i have found in this forum.

Thanks :)
Muy buen! Estupendo!

I like the 3D design of the red bars at the top very much.
Also the gray transparent (?) graphic by the Register button is gorgeous.

The gray links on forum titles are JUST strong enough for me to read but problematic on smaller font. Depends if you are concerned with accessibility or not? I speak from the point of view of weaker eyes.

Suggest you use Stay Logged In as being disconnected frequently is discouraging. Perhaps you did as it is a template tweak - see in my Addons tutorial.
Congrats on your conversion! :D

Nice looking forum you have there, that is a great theme, and you have done a good job of incorporating your own touches to it.
Just added the Post Rating addon... lets see how that goes... you will have to be a member to use that rating system... we kind of want our members to feel special ;)
The post ratings were very well welcomed, specially the women of our forum. I also added the Library from Waindigo because we usualy make tutorials and this serves the purpose.

Finally I added some eyecandy on the header, we know have 5 styles using the Aurora style as a base.
Well its been a while and I have added more usefulness to our forum as well as more styles and customization.

Added Tag ME, ToggleME, Maintenance Screen.

I think its a bit slower now but i am not sure what is causing it.

Wow its been almost a year since I started using Xenforo. I have upgraded to 1.2 since it got out and boy my members are happy campers...

The forum has matured and its speedier than ever.

Thanks you everyone for making this the best forum software out there.
Very nice use of the camo skin! I didn't know that was possible!

Many sites that used it back in the 1.1.x days didn't use it properly like you did. So, I passed on the skin.
Thank you very much, our forum members love it because of it military look. I used it in 4 different styles on which the Tusken style was the one i had to change a lot of colors and stuff.

I just added the Runaway style from today and made 4 more styles... Love his styles a lot, they go well with our fandom.

Thanks, and Special Thanks to @Steve F for his styles
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