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Yes, it is nonsense
Went on a lot of the time the company did not announce until this moment for Official Release
Company exercised drain time
Who has the license year he has to wait six months for the trial versions are not supported and unstable
Half a year moving from licensing Den interest
Half years of the drain on the time of license
It commerce is not it?
Is not this nonsense?
/me looks at @fbh

Er, can you explain in more detail on what you're going on about? Don't want to come across as ignorant but I really don't understand what you're saying...


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Usually as a foreigner (not a native english speaker) I tend to understand foreigners better than people from english speaking countries. But this time I have no idea what you are talking about.


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You say that company exercised drain time client
Through the delay in the announcement of the official release
I am upset by this unethical exploitation

What is going on and immoral nonsense
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